Short moral stories in English for Kids Mental Development

We all know that children are impressionable beings and they are easily influenced by what they see and read. This is why you should give your kids some quality time reading Short Moral Stories In English For Kids‘ mental development. These kinds of stories can be read while the child is playing or is studying. If the story is about how a character became a better person then it would also be helpful for them to learn about morality. Some examples of short moral stories in English for kids’ mental development can be found below.

20 Best Short Moral Stories for Kids (Valuable Lessons)

The Butterfly: This is a very important short moral story in English for kids’ mental growth. The story tells about a caterpillar who was able to turn into a butterfly after consuming his own liver. He lived for many years in a huge house with beautiful flowers around. When he wishes to turn back to his normal looking appearance, however, he has to swallow a fly. The caterpillar then regains his normal look and wishes to return to his home. He succeeds in turning back to his original appearance but his new ability makes him want to eat flies ever again!

The Tortoise and the Hare: This is another short moral story in English for kids mental development that can be read aloud. This story talks about a hare and a tortoise that got lost together. They both had to go through a long and dangerous journey. The hares loved his companionship, so they decided to stay together. However, the tortoise wanted to go home so he decided to swallow the lead piping of the hare.

Little Men: In this short moral story for kids, a boy lost his little dog named Roll. He went on a long journey searching for his dog. He finally found Roll near death. The people who found Roll assumed he was already dead because he was so little. But when they realized that Roll was still alive, they took him to a hospital so that he could be given medical attention.

The Bear and the Bee: One of the short moral stories in English for kids that can be read at bedtime. In the story, a bee keeper and a beehive worker were assigned by the local authorities to work together. The worker forgot that a sting is very harmful to bees so he gave bees to the bee keeper instead of the stingers. The beehive worker died because of the sting and the bee keeper now has to do everything to protect his friends.

Of course there are many other great examples of good short moral stories in English for kids. You just have to spend some time browsing through different kids books so you can find them. Most of them are written in simple, beautiful language that children will surely enjoy. So it’s no wonder that these are considered as the best materials for kids’ mental development.