The Best Paint to Cover and Block a Stain

Water-based stain blockers are available from most paint manufacturers. These are easy to apply but may not work on difficult stains. For example, water-based stain blockers won’t do as well on nicotine, which is often a problem with cigarette smoke. For heavy stains, you will need a best primer paint for water stains.

Kilz Original Interior Primer

You may have heard that Kilz Original Interior Primer is the best interior paint, but the truth is that not all kilz oil-based primers are equal. Not all of them are worth your money. Here are the top 10 brands for your consideration.

KILZ Original Interior Primer is an oil-based primer that blocks most stains and seals odors. It’s recommended for glossy interior surfaces and can be applied with a brush or roller. This paint is non-flammable and has great adhesion. It’s also perfect for covering and blocking stains in light to dark-colored rooms.

Johnstone’s StainAway

The innovative Johnstone’s StainAway range of paints offers a unique one-coat solution that covers and blocks stains. The stain-blocking formula isolates stubborn stains, leaving a durable, flat finish. It can be used on all interior surfaces and is suitable for use on bare plaster and previously painted walls.

This water-based paint is highly durable, providing stain blocking performance on a variety of substrates. It dries quickly and can be recoated in 4 hours. It is available in 2.5-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre sizes and in over 16,000 colours.

Zinsser Coverstain

When it comes to covering and blocking stains, Rust-Oleum Zinsser Coverstain is the paint of choice. It is an oil-based primer that combines high adhesion with exceptional flexibility. It is also extremely effective in hiding dark stains and blocking tannin bleed. It can be used on bare wood as well as on interior surfaces.

Zinsser Coverstain is a low-odour, oil-based primer that blocks stains on interior and exterior walls. It is a great undercoat that dries quickly. Its sister product, Zinsser BIN, has better adhesion and faster drying time, but it is also more expensive than Coverstain.

Aqua Lock Plus

Aqua Lock Plus is a multipurpose stain blocking primer that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Its 100% acrylic formulation provides superior adhesion and sealing properties. This primer also contains mildew inhibitors and is a great alternative to oil-based or latex primers.

Aqua Lock Plus can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces, such as masonry walls, ceramic tile, and wood trim. It can also be applied to a variety of glossy surfaces. In addition, it’s green-friendly, so it meets the LEEDS requirements of the United States Green Building Council.